This Annual General Meeting of Christ The King Lutheran Church is called in accordance with Bylaw 7, Section 1 which states, “An annual general meeting of the congregation shall be held in January or February.”

and bylaw 7, section 3 which states, “Notice of all congregational meetings shall be given in writing at the services of worship on the preceding three consecutive Sundays or by postal service to all members at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the date of the meeting. The pastor shall be notified of all regular and special meetings of the congregation.

Written notice must be sent:
a. by mail, unless a member has provided his or her email address to the Congregational Council, in which case written notice must be sent by electronic mail;
b. by posting the written notice on the congregational website; and
c. by posting the written notice in a public area within the church building.”

and Bylaw 7, section 4 which states, “11 voting members shall constitute a quorum.”
and Bylaw 7, section 5 which states, “Proxy or absentee voting shall not be permitted in the transaction of any of the business of the congregation.”

All congregation members must attend in person or online to vote.

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