What We Believe

Inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, we are a community who is faithful to the Gospel of Grace. Holding this in our hearts and minds we proclaim the power of God’s gracious and faithful work that is always working around us and to be workers in the Spirit, graciously sharing the gifts that we have been freely given for the good of our community. To journey alongside the broken-hearted and hurting, trusting in the love of Jesus to heal where there has been pain and disappointment. And to trust that above all, God’s love and grace are sufficient that in all that we do, God’s love is boundless.

Faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace, so sure and certain that a person could stake their life on it a thousand times. Martin Luther

Statement of Our Community in Christ

“I am willing to accept all persons from all walks of life, of all ages, and of all various abilities, from all cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds, and from all gender identities and sexual orientations without judgement, even if I may hold a different theological view or different personal opinion on specific matters; I am willing to accept difference, and to welcome all people into this church and to support their involvement in the community, including partaking in leadership working with the supervision of the Pastor and the Council; I am open to being a church where all people are welcome to receive pastoral care, receive the sacraments, marry and be called and endorsed for ministry if meeting Synod guidelines.”