About us

We are a diverse community nestled in the heart of Whalley, Surrey, B.C. An “old church in a modern building.”  As a community we embrace the gospel of Grace, to extend love to one another in word and service, and to proclaim the power of God’s gracious and faithful work that is constantly active in our midst.   

To be co-workers in and with the Spirit, graciously sharing the gifts that we have been freely given for the good of our community. To journey alongside the brokenhearted and hurting, trusting in the healing love of Jesus to make things right where there has been pain and disappointment. And to trust that above all, God’s love and grace are sufficient in all that we do, and in all that we are.

We welcome you and please feel free to explore, reach out and connect. We looked forward to meeting you!

Worship & Fellowship

Sunday Mornings @ 10:00am
Children’s Chapel @ 10:15am
(Please see Event Calendar for holiday schedules)

Sunday Afternoons @ 11:15am
(Birthday Celebration and Potluck Lunch
on First Sunday of every month)