Office Update 2nd March 2022

Hello my friends,

As we move into the second week of Lent starting this coming Sunday, I was very thankful for the cold, but sunny days that we had this week. I could even begin to see the stirrings of life in the lavender plants in front of the church.

Daily I hear more birds coming back into the neighbourhood and it its beginning to sound like spring. Have any of you heard the Canada Geese at night? They are going back north, and you can hear them honking in the night sky. On these cold nights when I hear the Canada Geese, I could almost be mistaken that we were entering autumn instead of spring. Without any clear reference its easy to become disoriented and wonder what season it really is. This is so like the feeling of Lent. We are reminded we are still in a season of shift and change.

This morning as I was driving to the church, I saw rain struggling to be snow (and it looks like the snow is winning), its wet, chilly and the sky is grey.  And while I’m taking this all in, I hear on the radio that today is the beginning of Spring Break and the first day of mask- lessness! So, hearing and witnessing all this shifting change I am getting the same feeling I get when I hear the Canada Geese at night – what season is this!

And like any seasonal change adjusting our clothing for the weather becomes a hit or miss exercise. Lent reminds once again that we need to be a bit more aware and prepared. But we are not alone in this. In Genesis God reminds Abram, “Do not be afraid, I am your shield; your reward shall be very great.” We may feel the unpredictability around us is out of sink with where and what we want, that the changes seem too unpredictable and its hard to believe them, but God reminds us not to be afraid, to realise that s/he is our shield.

Over two years ago in the beginning of the Lenten Season we entered the pandemic and many things changed radically for all of us. We have spent many years adjusting to all the things that we have had to give up for the safely of others and ourselves. When people think of Lent they think automatically of a time of abstinence and pentinence. You hear people asking what are you going to give up for Lent? 

I would like to reframe our Lenten Journey this year. Jesus’s journey into the desert was as much about finding space to think and reflect as much as it was to be challenged.  Let us think of this time of Lent as a time to give ourselves permission to reflect about what we have given up and the changes that have been made. Let’s give ourselves permission to make space for ourselves and do somethings different. And most of all let us be kind and patient with ourselves and those around us as we share in this most profound journey.

Sunday Services start at 10:00 a.m. and be attended both in person or on ZOOM. Please note that we will still encourage people to mask during service as we ease into this new time.

All the best,


Nicolas Alexandre

Church Administrator

Christ The King Lutheran Church
13388 104 Ave, Surrey, BC V3T 1V6

phone: 604 581 9427

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