Office Update (28 April 2022)

Office Update (28 April 2022)

Hello my friends,

Time goes by so fast I could almost believe that yesterday was tomorrow! As I write we will be entering the third week of Easter. Wasn’t it just yesterday that it was Ash Wednesday? It is very easy to get caught up in the spell that Easter is only one day. We stuff ourselves with ham and chocolate and then right after Easter Sunday the candy goes on sale. The End!

In the understanding of the Church, Easter is a season which begins on Easter Sunday and then continues to unfold over the next couple of months. The amazing events of that day didn’t happen in an isolated moment and then freeze. The implications of the Resurrection of Christ Jesus resonates outward, and in the following weeks we see in the Gospel the gracious power of the risen Christ reaching out and transforming people’s lives. Some of the lives that were transformed did not expect to encounter the risen Christ. They did not expect their lives to be changed. This encounter led them on the long journey as a followers of the Way. These moments are intense and life altering and like Easter Sunday, they don’t represent the end but the beginning.

We all experience intense moments in our everyday living and like the death of Jesus those moments invite us to reflect upon and integrate them. There is no “just getting over it” important events deserve some time. I remember at the beginning of Lent how turbulent the weather was up until Good Friday. Of late, the days have been more consistent the sun and clouds seem to be a bit more balanced. The trees and the flowers are blooming due to the rains and in the air, there are pockets of “perfume” as the magnolia, dogwoods, and cherry trees blossom.

The scents are subtle and yet overwhelming when you come upon them. It feels to me like being surrounded by a presence that elevates my senses and transports me to a softer and gentler place. Now not all encounters with the risen Christ are this subtle. We read Sunday of Paul’s encounter with the risen Christ, which mind you was not a gentle perfumed filled event, but a blinding encounter that clearly nocked him of his a** (donkey)! It took Paul quite some time to unpack that experience and we benefited immensely from it!

Easter season is that time of the calendar when we contemplate the significance of that incredible Easter event. The stories of the encounters we hear at this time are of people caught up in that great wonder and life changing event. But the message is really clear. The contemplation and reaching out is not a one-way street. We do not reach out not to be embraced! God through his risen son reaches out to us and walks in gracious empathy with us. We are reminded that no event happens in isolation, but it has an effect on everyone around it and its understanding unfolds with time.

We are asked to be patient with ourselves and are reminded that God embraces us now. Whether that embrace is as subtle as a perfumed cloud or as startling as a bolt of light. We aren’t really meant to “get it” or “figure out” immediately and there is no shame in that. If anyone knows the deeply intricate and complicated (or simplistic) realities of our lives, it’s the One who created us. Easter Season is a time to encounter and nurture the implication of rebirth and change in our lives. God is the undercurrent in our lives and Jesus is our rudder, not only steering us with his example, but with his all-abiding presence in and around our lives as manifested in cycles of the Spirit in Creation.

All the best,


Some things to consider:

  • Things are really warming up around church these days. We have been having fellowship after church on Sunday’s and have returned to Communion the first and last Sunday of the month. Its beginning to feel more like the old routine!
  • Would you be interested in reading the lessons on Sunday? I’m compiling a list of “Readers” and will have a few sign-up sheets out for Sunday. It is always good to hear a variety of voices at worship.
  • Kayla, our Music Person wants to extend an invitation to anyone who might want to add a voice or instrument to our burgeoning musical group. Kayla
  • Council will be meeting at 11:30a.m. after Sunday service, May 1st.



Time: May 1, 2022 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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