Office Update (11 May 2022)

Office Update (11 May 2022)

Hello my friends,

An old farmer in Richmond told me you shouldn’t leave your new plants out until after the Victoria Day weekend. Not to wait risks losing the plants to a cold snap at night and this isn’t good if you’re planting a whole crop. Even though in this fourth week of Easter when, everything is growing in leaps and bounds, we are reminded that we need to still be aware of changing circumstances.

I drive to the church daily from Richmond. My preferred route is to get off the highway and drive the old River Road all the way to Grace than Scott Rd. These days I have noticed a lot of activity at the sides of the road and in the bushes. Road crew landscapers have been cutting away brush and clearing out the sides of the roads of growing overgrowth. The landscaper is thinking ahead making sure the roads stay clear. Growth unchecked or unnoticed can lead to surprising outcomes. Its quite something to see the contrast between the lush growth and the pruning, and it can sometimes seem stark.

We see in the readings this week a new Christian church discovering itself in the aftermath. We sometimes forget that we need time after a significant occurrence to process and to plan even though that “planning” may be as things come along.

This Sunday, in Acts 11:1-18 we see the early church adjusting, changing, and realising their purpose after the Crucifixion of Jesus. To the surprise of the Apostles the Risen Christ continues to appear to all people, Hebrew, and Gentile alike. This creates a crisis of faith for those who felt that Jesus was for the Jewish people, despite the many examples that Jesus gave of embracing Jews and Gentiles alike. Jesus’ acceptance wasn’t based on ethnicity, but by people’s Faith in Him. Jesus’s ministry had a broader implication for radical acceptance.

When Gentiles began to accept Christ and the Holy Spirit began to work through them it was hard not to recognise! Peter, the rock, saw himself as a safeguard of the traditional way, which enshrined Jesus squarely in Jewish tradition. But even Peter in the end could not refuse the greater truth presented to him by Christ in a dream: We are all the same in the eyes of God and what differentiates us is our own prejudices and assumptions which we apply generously to each other. There are times in our lives when we don’t quite feel like we fit in, that the expectations of others seem to weigh so heavy on us, but so many times its not the expectations of others that knock us down, but the expectation we put on ourselves. God does not differentiate who are his children (Jew or Gentile, slave or free, man or woman). The early church began to realise that Christ message was bigger than them! And this awesome reality encouraged them to prepare the way and plant where the Spirit lead. This is a good time to begin to think about planting or perhaps trimming, envisioning what the garden of our lives might look like free knowing that God encourages us to be who are.

Some things to consider:

We are worship live and online every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. All are welcomed.

“4 Sing praises to the Lord! Raise your voice in song ….—oh, rejoice in the presence.”

Would like to lend your voice or add an instrument to our growing music team for Worship on Sunday? Kayla, our music person, would be happy to fill you in.  contact her at: or catch her around the piano on Sundays.

We have started up coffee and fellowship time again after service on Sundays. We welcome you to stay after and get to know the community. If you would like to help with Hospitality on Sundays, please feel welcomed to jump in anytime or have a word with Nicolas or Warren and they’ll set you up.

Worship is enriched by many voices! Would you like to join in on reading the Lessons and Psalm on Sunday? The reading are sent out about mid week so that you can familiarise yourself with them. Let Nicolas know or email


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