New Pastor Called

After a long and prayerful search the Council approved and on Sunday, August 28, 2022, we, the congregation of Christ the King Lutheran Church, unanimously voted to call Nicolas Alexandre as our pastor. It is with thankful hearts that Nicolas has accepted the call:

Hello Chrissy and the Congregation of Christ the King,

I am writing to you, the Council and congregation of Christ the King Lutheran Church to express my deep acceptance of your call to be your pastor. I accept this honour with God’s Grace, knowing that the Spirit has called us to together to move forward as one in the body of Christ. I look forward to our future journey together just as much as I cherish the journey that brought us here together, today.

Thank you, Christ the King, for being who you are, because if you weren’t who you are, I wouldn’t be here- in front of you today, being who I am, and so embraced by you. May God’s abiding love and blessing be upon you my dear friends.

All the best,


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